God of Martial Arts

God of Martial Arts
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    Dewa Seni Beladiri, Juéshì Wǔshén, Peerless Martial God, Tuyệt Thế Võ Thần, Бог боевых искусств, เทพยุทธ์พลิกลิขิตสวรรค์, 绝世武神

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    Jing Wu Hen,Yunduowudongman

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    Adventure - Harem - Martial Arts - Seinen

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“God of Martial Arts” is an ongoing manhua series written by Jing Wu Hen and illustrated by Yun Duan Manhua. This gripping tale is set in a world where martial arts determine one’s fate and position in society. In this universe, weak individuals are humiliated and oppressed, while the strong ones hold dominion over the weak.

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